The Mellow Board

Back row:    Alastair Crabb, Alan Dunipace, Robin Balbernie (Skype screen) Joy Barlow, Gillian Croan, George Mulveny

Front row:   Anne Clarke, Janie K Law, Barbara Southern.

Our Board Members bring a variety of expertise: they are passionate and dedicated to guiding the organisation to improving outcomes for children and their families all over the world

There are currently ten members on the Mellow Board:

Chair                                    Joy Barlow
Treasurer                            Barbara J Southern
Secretary                             George Mulveny

Vice-chair                            Alastair Crabb


Robin Balbernie
Joy Barlow
Lynn Campbell
Gillian Croan

Dawn Finlay
Andy Pulford

Our Board members come from a variety of backgrounds including Law, Business, HR, Psychotherapy, Public Health, Accountancy and Strategy