How much is training?

We prefer to offer a bespoke training fee package, depending on what you and your service is looking for.  So call us, email us, we’d love to talk to you.

How many facilitators do you need to deliver a group?

You need a minimum of two facilitators to deliver a group. Ideally both should be trained, but if there are not two trained practitioners available, then one trained practitioner can run a group with an “apprentice” .   There are advantages in having three practitioners due to the time commitment involved in running a 14 week group, and the possibility of unexpected illnesses or absences. Three consistent facilitators covering the group means that the group does not need to be cancelled in the event of sickness or another eventuality.

I am going on holiday for Session 4 of the group can my colleague take my place?

No – your colleague cannot take your place. It is like telling someone that their mum (dad, husband or wife) is not there but another nice person will be just as good!  Relationships have been formed in the group and continuity is essential.  It is best to prepare the group in advance that you will not be available to deliver Session 4, and take a break while you are away.

Do I have to come to the Glasgow office for Reflective Consultation?

You can access free face to face reflective consultation in Glasgow and occasionally London.  We are also able to consult via Skype or through a phone call. If you would like us to travel to your base we can do so for a small fee.  We encourage every practitioner to take up Reflective Consultation which leads to accreditation.

Do you know if any Mellow Parenting groups are running in my area?

We are currently working on a new Mellow Intranet, and will be contacting each practitioner shortly to find out where and what Mellow Programmes they are delivering. This will give us a clearer picture of where groups are currently being delivered. Please contact your Health Visitor and or GP surgery to find out what groups are being delivered in your area.

Can you deliver a group with one trained and one untrained facilitator?

You can, but we do prefer that groups are delivered by trained facilitators/practitioners. We strongly recommend that untrained facilitators access training as soon as possible.

Can a parent still take part if they refuse to be filmed?

No. The parent-child video is an essential component of the Mellow Mums and Dads programmes.

Feel free to show the parent videos on our website where parents discuss the benefits of being videoed. Remember to emphasise that the video is to support them in their relationship with their child.

Futures Specific : Do mentors have to be trained in Going Mellow?

Mentors are trained in their role by their own organisations but need to be trained in the specific tasks we ask of them in Mellow Futures and also in the theoretical basis of Mellow Futures. For some, training in understanding and communicating with people with learning difficulties is also needed.




Do Futures facilitators have to been trained in full Going Mellow or just have Futures training?

All Mellow Futures practitioners need full Going Mellow Training which gives them the understanding of group work and building relationships as well as the content and methods of Mellow groups. The Mellow Futures training then gives them specific methods and materials for working with parents with learning disabilities and difficulties.

What is the maximum number of mums we can have?

We generally prefer group sizes of 6-8 parents, but since the needs of Mellow Futures participants are so complex, a group size of four can prove more manageable.

Can a mum join Futures Babies if she hasn’t done Futures Bumps ?

The Mellow Futures programme was written as a straight-through programme from pregnancy to the first year, but in practice it has often been difficult to get referrals in pregnancy. If you have space in a group, then parents can join at the Babies (postnatal) stage.


Mellow Parenting is a charitable organisation and as such relies on grants and donations for everything from funding to projects to maintaining existing work. We really appreciate your help.

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