About Us

We specialise in training you to support the families and children you work with, and our evidence-based programmes have made us experts at what we do since 1996. We are a training organisation, but most of all Mellow Parenting is about relationships. Our training courses provide the tools to build safe, therapeutic and confidential environments to help parents connect with their children. We focus on children ages 0-5, because this is the most pivotal time in shaping their futures.

Mellow Programmes: evidence based, people minded, all about relationships.

Our Mission

We are committed to relationships, and provide the highest quality of support that is evidenced-based and meaningful for the parents, families and frontline workers we work with.

Our Vision

A world where every parent-child relationship can flourish and achieve the best possible outcomes now and for future generations.

Our Values

  • Nurturing

    We believe that nurturing relationships are vital to healthy development. This value runs through the organisation from staff to practitioners to families.

  • Inclusive

    Mellow Programmes are accessible to every parent and child that would benefit from attending regardless of their race/religion/gender/age/sexuality/socioeconomic status or geo-graphical location. We listen to, reflect and learn from the views and experiences of all those we work with.

  • Quality

    All Mellow Programmes are robustly evaluated and tested for effectiveness and feasibility. Our evidence base ensures the highest standard of group delivery and optimal outcomes for parents and their children. This value runs through the organisa-tion which is ISO 9001 accredited and follows high governance standards.