What qualifications do I need to train in Mellow Parenting?

You don’t need any specific qualification to make a great Mellow Parenting practitioner. The programme is used by a number of different organisations and professionals working in many different settings with families.

You do need at least 2 fully trained Mellow practitioners to deliver any group.

What Mellow Parenting programmes can I train in?

We have our 3 day Going Mellow training, this training will equip Practitioners to deliver, Mellow Mums & Dads with Babies and Toddlers.

We also provide one-day training in Mellow Bumps, our perinatal programme.

To train in Mellow Futures, our programme for working with parents and parents to be with additional support needs all trainees must already have completed the Going Mellow training.

Are you delivering a training near me, or in the area for my staff?

We run open training twice a year in Glasgow and London, in the Spring and the Autumn. You can find all the dates of our upcoming training here. 

We can, of course, come to you – we are happy to discuss this option with you to ensure that you make an informed decision about the best possible training experiences for your staff on their own premises.

What happens once I am trained?

Attending a Mellow training is just the start of your journey with us, we offer support and guidance through your group delivery with the option to become a fully accredited Mellow Parenting Practitioner. We are on hand every step of the way, so get in touch to chat about the start of your journey and hear about how we can help thereafter.

Is there a Mellow Group near me I can attend?

At Mellow Parenting do not deliver the groups directly, we train others in our programmes to use them in their place of work. Due to this we do not always know the details of groups being delivered. However, we do keep in touch with our practitioners so if we know of a group taking place in your local area we will do our best to put you in touch.

Where can I access the Practitioners Resources?

We have a dedicated section just for our Practitioners, you’ll need to create a new account with us by clicking ‘Join Us’ and filling in the form, click here.


Mellow Parenting is a charitable organisation and as such relies on grants and donations for everything from funding to projects to maintaining existing work. We really appreciate your help.

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