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Going Mellow

Going Mellow is an attachment and relationship based group intervention programme for parents who have babies and children. Mixtures of reflective and practical techniques are used to allow parents to address their personal challenges and the challenges they face with their children.

Our core face-face Going Mellow training is split into therapeutic personal groups (Mums/Dads) and age defining workshops (Babies/Toddlers). The personal groups are gender specific and the workshops cover children from the ages 0 – 18months and 18 months – 5years. 

The group and workshop run for 14 weeks, one day a week, usually between 10am and 2:30pm. 

Children participate in a children’s group while parents meet together in their group. Over snack/activity time the parents and children eat together and participate in a joint activity. This allows the parent and child to share in fun activities which build and strengthen their relationship. Lunchtime activities are easy and inexpensive as to encourage parents to “HAVE A GO!” at home – putting into practice what they have learned.

In the afternoon the parents participate in workshop where strengths-based video feedback helps them build on their existing skills and practice new ways of relating to their children.

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Mellow Dads

Morning group

Mellow Dads is an attachment and relationship based group intervention for dads who have babies and young children. Similar to Mellow Mums, the Dads programme takes place in the morning whilst the babies/children are cared for in a children’s group

Some practical recommendations prior to delivering a Mellow Dads group:

  • We strongly recommended that groups be run with at least one male facilitator
  • We recommend that you do not mix mums and dads personal group sessions.
  • We recommend you to explore the possibility of mixing mums and dads during lunch time activities and video workshops in the afternoon.
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Mellow Mums

Morning Group

Mellow Mums is the personal group for mums which takes place in the morning whilst their babies/children are cared for in a children’s group. 

During this time, mums explore their own childhood and current experiences, helping them to reflect and consider how their past may affect their current caregiving.

Mellow Mums can help provide better outcomes for the mother and her baby/child by improving:

  • Maternal wellbeing
  • Mother-child interaction
  • Self-esteem and confidence
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Mellow Babies

Afternoon Workshop

Mellow Babies provides mums and dads with the support they need to develop strong relationships with their new babies. Topics covered include: what do babies do all day, what can babies do, bonding with baby, emotional and social development, sleep, playing, harmful parenting, safety in the home, etc. Video feedback on the parents’ own interaction with their baby is used.

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Mellow Toddlers

Afternoon Workshop

Mellow Toddlers is based on the original evidence based Mellow programme for children up to the age of 5, but looking in much more depth at the development of Toddlers. The programme looks at areas such as understanding parenting, child development, crying, feelings, toys and play, etc. Video feedback on the parents’ own interaction with their toddler is used.

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