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Mellow Futures

Mellow Futures is an early intervention programme for both Mums and Dads with learning difficulties/disabilities. Mellows Futures aims to create positive, successful relationships between parents and children.

Mellow Futures Aims:

  • Reduce the number of children in need/looked after
  • Improve the physical and emotional outcomes for families with multiple needs
  • Demonstrate effective early intervention for parents with learning difficulties
  • Create opportunities for volunteering
  • Produce a model that can be replicated in local commissioning frameworks
Mellow Futures Image

Mellow Futures

To deliver Mellow Futures groups for parents, practitioners are required to attend a 3-day training.

Practitioners receive a comprehensive pack of manuals, access to materials and resources and continued support through reflective consultation with a senior consultant. The Mellow evaluation team also provide support to help you evaluate your group and collate pre and post evaluation measures.

Parents that are taking in part in Futures groups are assigned a mentor who can provide support in between sessions to reinforce and clarify new knowledge and learning.

For parents, there are three phase-focused components to Mellow Futures:

Antenatal (Bumps) 

  • starts between 20-30 weeks’ gestation. Parent participation takes place for 2 hours a week over 6 weeks.

Babies (0-18months) 

  • Parent participation takes place 1 day a week over a 14-week period

Toddler (18 months – 3 years) 

  • Parent participation takes place 1 day a week over a 14-week period.

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