What is Evaluation?

Evaluation is the way in which we can monitor and assess how effective our Mellow Groups are and what sort of experience they are offering to the facilitators and individuals participating in them. It typically involves a booklet of questionnaires that allow us to measure the reach and outcomes of our Groups.

Evaluation is considered to be an integral part of delivering Mellow. Alongside Reflective Consultation, performing Evaluation to the Mellow Standard is a requirement in order to be successfully named as an Accredited (or Re-Accredited) Mellow Practitioner.

Evaluation is included within our trainings and Mellow Facilitators are offered support from our Evaluation Team throughout delivery of a Group. For every Group that returns evaluation data to Mellow, a bespoke report will be produced which will illustrate the outcomes in an accessible and clear format.

Why is it important?

Evaluation offers benefits for everyone involved with Mellow:

For Mellow Facilitators: Reports will illustrate the outcomes and experiences had by the participating individuals within the group. It will discuss group and individual outcomes, and highlight noteworthy questionnaire scores worthy of discussion. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for Facilitators to state their own experiences and observations from running a Mellow Group.

For Participating Individuals: Reported outcomes can be shown to the individuals to highlight their own journey. It is also an opportunity for participating individuals to express their own feelings and thoughts about the group. Ultimately, evaluation is the process which aims to ensure that individuals participating in Mellow are benefitting as much as they can.

For Services: Evaluation of multiple groups allows services to track the progress of individuals and the effectiveness of Mellow within their service. This can be of particular use when it comes to reporting outcomes and funding applications.

For Mellow: Evaluation data is used to ensure our groups are achieving their aims and allows us to continue meaningful development. Crucially, it also assists us in growing our evidence base.