What are the reasons for Reflective Consultation?

The first is to make sure that you are running the programme with fidelity meaning you are delivering the interventions as intended. When delivered to fidelity the programme has shown to be most effective. We want Mellow programmes to work for you and the families you work with. We want to ensure that we have relayed the Mellow message through to you effectively, and also protect Mellow programmes from erosion, ex. by being run for children of an age we don’t have an evidence base to support, or without the optimum use of video or being cut short to 10 sessions.

The second is to give you the support you need to run a safe and effective group. This is your opportunity to reflect on how the group is going, your own experiences and discuss any issues that may raise in the group. We want to you to feel comfortable, confident and supported so that you can go on and provide the same level of support for your families in your Mellow groups.

What are the steps for Reflective Consultation?

We advise accessing Reflective Consultation at least twice per group and submission of requests be made prior to the group start date.

Complete a Reflective Consultation request form (see below), specifying if Accreditation is required.

Once your request is processed, you will be assigned and connected to a senior trainer

The senior trainer will get in touch to provide the relevant information, paperwork and to arrange a suitable date/time and method for the first consultation

The first consultation is to discuss set up or review video etc. should ideally take place before the group starts and depending on timing it may include: case vignettes, support around group issues and arranging the second consultation

The second consultation will consist of: review of videos, support around group issues & confirmation of accreditation if agreed and next steps

Submit pre & post group data to the Mellow Evaluation Team.

If applying for Accreditation, approximately one month after submission of data, Accreditation ID card are issued

How is video used during Reflective Consultation?

We recommend all practitioners use video and strengths-based video feedback with parents during their Mellow groups. Used effectively, it is a very powerful tool that benefits you and the families you work with. In order to support you and help you gain Accreditation (if required), will ask you to demonstrate how you are using video feedback. We fully appreciate it is not always possible to send a video of parents due to data protection policies and consent, which is why we have a number of options on how to use video during Reflective Consultation. To find out which of the options could work for you, email [email protected]

Are there any costs for Reflective Consultation or Accreditation?

None. Once you are a trained practitioner, Reflective Consultation and Accreditation is free of charge. Also free of charge is Re-Accreditation, which is due every two years from the date of your previous Accreditation.

What happens is I do not meet the requirements for Accreditation?

If your consultant is satisfied, that you are delivering your group to fidelity and comprehensive group data is submitted our Evaluation team, Accreditation can be granted. If not, not to worry, as we will do all that we can to support you gain Accreditation after your next group.

Can I have Reflective Consultation in person?

Yes, for a fee, face-face consultation may be possible in your workplace. If face-face consultation is required, please specify in the Notes section of your Reflective Consultation form. Alternatively, contact us directly to discuss.

Can I have Reflective Consultation without Accreditation?

Certainly! We believe that to see the best outcome for children, we must continue to support those who are doing the valuable work directly with the families. We take great pride in providing a nurturing, supportive hand to all practitioners, whenever and however you need it. To activate Reflective Consultation only, please specify in your preference within the request form below.