Mellow Foundations; Building Better Relationships the Mellow way

Are you working with children and families?

Whether you are a midwife, health visitor, social worker or simply working with parents and children, we understand that you want to support change and help make a real difference. Time pressures and other barriers can hinder your ability to be as effective as you would like to be.

Building Better Relationships the Mellow way is designed to give you many of the skills and benefits from a typical Mellow training but without the need to deliver a group.

It is a focussed half day masterclass designed to help you build effective therapeutic relationships with parents, family members and carers.

It will provide you with powerful tools that can be used in your everyday practise, to enhance your effectiveness.

This fantastic CPD opportunity aims to build on your skills, with emphasis on a strength-based approach and solution-led conversation, enabling you to work in unison with families to achieve a common goal.

A fun, interactive and practical session that gives you space to reflect and discuss with others.

For our next open training date for this workshop in Glasgow click here. If you would like to book your place or enquire further, we recommend getting in touch with us as soon as possible.

We understand that Building Better Relationships training is not just valuable to one person, but it can be to multiple people within your organisation, in which case we are happy to bring training to the comfort of you.

Contact us to transform your work life and others’ lives today.

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To support you to continue your Mellow journey, booking Building Better Relationships training entitles you to choose from one of the following benefits*:

£100 off Going Mellow training
£50 off Mellow Bumps and Dads to Be training
£25.00 off a Mellow Attachment Cloth Board Game

*Voucher issued post-training and redeemable once only within the first 12 months of attending Building Better Relationships training.

What BBR Practitioners say

The session was very good. Good ideas on difficult to work with families. The part on agenda matching was very good and I could see that this could be used individually and as part of recruitment for groups.

BBR Practitioner

Because I work on a one-to-one with parent/child, I found the part about parent-child relationships fascinating.

BBR Practitioner

We work with parents on a daily basis and I wanted to learn techniques to support them as I often find it difficult without children of my own.

BBR Practitioner

There was a good balance of presentation and group discussion. Everyone had a chance to speak and the atmosphere was very positive and encouraged us to share.

BBR Practitioner

The section on solution focused behavioural therapy and practicing the skills for this was excellent and very absorbing.

BBR Practitioner

Thought the trainer was excellent. Good listener, took on board everyone’s comments and thoughts throughout the day.

BBR Practitioner