Mellow Foundations; Building Better Relationships the Mellow way

In work, we can so easily get side tracked meeting the daily obligations that we can often veer off the path that leads us to our chosen career path in the first place. If you have chosen a profession working with families and young children, wanting to make a difference, we realise that retaining your aspirations is imperative to your overall productivity and happiness at work, which is why to help, we have developed our new one-day course, Building Relationships the Mellow way.

Enhancing your effectiveness where it counts, training can transform how you view parent-child interactions, providing you powerful tools to strengthen your working relationships and levels of compassion, allowing you to work in unison with families to achieve a common goal.

Building Better Relationships the Mellow way is designed to give you all the skills and benefits from a typical Mellow training but without the need to deliver a group. Whether you are a midwife, health visitor, social worker or simply working with parents and children, this training will transform your typical approach, enabling you to focus on strength-based resolutions and interactions.

Not only will this workshop enhance your working practices, helping you make every contact count, but it can also count towards a CPD opportunity.

Our next open training date for this workshop is in Glasgow on Thursday 26th September ‘19. If you would like to book your place or enquire further, we recommend getting in touch with us as soon as possible.

We understand that Building Better Relationships training is not just valuable to one person, but it can be to multiple people within your organisation, in which case we are happy to bring training to the comfort of you.

Contact us to transform your work life and others’ lives today.

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To support you to continue your Mellow journey, booking Building Better Relationships training entitles you to choose from one of the following benefits*:

  • £100 off Going Mellow training
  • £50 off Mellow Bumps and Dads to Be training
  • £25.00 off a Mellow Attachment Cloth Board Game

*Voucher issued post-training and redeemable once only within the first 12 months of attending Building Better Relationships training.