Mellow Newsletter – Summer 2019

Tip-Top Training Top-Ups

Did you train a number of years ago? Would you like up to date manuals and top-up training? We plan to deliver half-day top-up sessions in which we will review the current manuals, update you on all our programmes, and help you plan your future groups with evaluation support. Contact us to find out more. If your colleagues need to attend a full training, click here to view upcoming training dates and venues.

A Fund to Make a Difference

Like many other organisations in Scotland, Mellow has been the proud recipient of  Scottish Government funding Children Young People Early Intervention Fund managed by The Corra Foundation. To date, we have trained 75 practitioners in Scotland, supported them to deliver to over 400 parents, and children, enabling over 400 families to grow and improve their parent child relationships. We have also set up our wonderful Evaluation Team who provide reports on every group and it is rewarding to look at the change of these families. If you or your team are working with families and young children in Scotland, email us to find out how CYPFEIF funding can contribute to your future Mellow training.

The Mellow Team

Sadly, we’ve recently said goodbye to Grace Nthara, Maria O’Neil and Sinead Browne. We thank them for their tremendous input to Mellow over the years, particularly Maria who was with us for well over 7 years!

We miss them all and wish them all the best for their future. We welcomed Jacqueline King as our new Finance Officer late last year, and recently thanks to a grant from the wonderful Robertson Trust, we have gained a new Training Administrator, Atousa Allan. We hope you extend a large welcome to them both.

The old gang of Rosemary, Raquib, Ruaridh & Rachel are still with us and in the future, we will try not to hire anyone whose first name begins with ‘R’! We are always happy to hear from you via phone, email or social media.

Donate to Mellow While you Shop!

Whenever you need something and use Amazon, remember that we are part of the Amazon Smile Programme. Simply use this link to login and start shopping!

One Day to Make a Mega Mellow Difference

You have chosen a profession working with families and young children, and want to make a real difference! A variety of pressures and obligations can get in the way. Without realising it we can veer off the path that led you to our chosen career path in the first place. We understand that retaining your aspirations is imperative to your effectiveness and happiness at work. To help you get back on track, we have developed our new one-day course, Mellow Conversations. Training is designed to give trainees all the benefits and skills from a standard Mellow training but without the need to deliver a group. MC training focuses on improving practitioners skills to support families in their day to day practice.  Click here to learn more.

To view Mellow Parenting training leaflets:

Mellow is Growing Globally

We recently hosted a visit from the Ministers of Health and Education from North Macedonia. We hope to add NM and Pakistan to our growing portfolio of international Mellow areas which include Ireland, Tajikistan, Moldova, Turkey, Russia, Germany, and Iceland. View all our international progress here.

Caoimhe Clarke, a Glasgow candidate for the clinical psychology doctorate, has completed her follow-up of the AIM funded study of Mellow Babies. It has been hard work tracing the previous participants, as there was no plan initially to follow them up. Contacting the original practitioners, some of whom  had moved jobs as services were restructured, was the first challenge and then asking them to trace the families and obtain their consent was the next phase. Caoimhe has been supported by Dr.Lucy Thompson from Glasgow & Aberdeen Universities as well as our Raq and Ruaridh from the Mellow Evaluation Team. Caoimhe’s thesis is about to be submitted and we wish her well.