Online Training Programmes

As an organisation, Mellow Parenting has had numerous requests to develop a programme which could be delivered to families on-line. We have been quite averse to this, firmly believing that parenting programmes based on relationships and attachment should be delivered face to face. Building relationships, trust, self-confidence, parenting skills, and reducing isolation, anxiety, depression should be done through face to face sessions and groups.

During the COVID19 Lockdown, we were asked again, and some practitioners actually tried to deliver Mellow methods online, communicating with us on their success.

We felt that if we were going to develop online programmes, we had to differentiate between facilitated online programmes and individual online learning. Reflecting back to our values, we agreed that we would focus on Facilitated Online Mellow Programmes ie participants would come together remotely as a group which would be facilitated by two Mellow practitioners. The programmes will also be useful to support the families living in rural environments well beyond the current Lockdown period. We have also consulted with trainers to seek out best practices in online delivery.

Online Mellow Training:

Training Duration

Training & support profile

Programmes (group delivery online)

2 x sessions from: 9.30am – 1.00pm

Online Mellow Bumps & Dads to be (antenatal): helping parents understand and connect with their baby before birth.

Delivered over 7 group sessions online:

  • Online Mellow Bumps (for mum-to-be)
  • Online Mellow Dads-to-Be

2 x sessions from: 9.30am – 1.00pm

Online Mellow Babies (0-18m): helping parents understand and connect with their babies.

Delivered over 8 group sessions online:

  • Online Mellow Babies (for mums)
  • Online Mellow Babies (for dads)

2 x sessions from: 9.30am – 1.00pm

Online Mellow Ready (14-18yrs): a group programme specifically created for teens to support their mental health & wellbeing.

Delivered over 12 group sessions online:

Online Mellow Ready for girls or boys aged 14 – 18yrs.

All our online programmes have been developed by the Mellow Team and Programme Consultants. They all have a dedicated manual accompanied by a “Participant’s Log Book” a book to be used by all participants, ultimately revealing a memoir of their time in the group.

Points to consider are included in each manual, e.g. there is a need to consider the environment in which the participant is in during the group – is it safe, who is there with them, who you can refer on to.

We have also created a separate section on our website which trained facilitators can access and download the materials they require in the group – YouTube video links, pdfs, etc, as well as guides to using different platforms and devices.

For those previously trained in Mellow Bumps with a good experience of delivering groups (in person), if you would like to run Online Bumps groups without attending online training we invite you to have a virtual chat with us about the nuances of delivering groups online, confidentiality, safety etc. If we feel that you have a good grasp of the programme and can efficiently run the revised programme online, we will give you the opportunity to purchase the supporting materials without attending the online version of the training. The £200 cost for the materials includes four workbooks, reflective consultation, evaluation support, accreditation, access further resources online and ongoing general support from the Mellow Team.

The four workbooks include; the manuals entitled Going Online with Mellow and Facilitated Online Mellow Bumps and Dads to be, plus the logbooks for Mums to be & Dads to be.

If you have not achieved accreditation in the standard Mellow Bumps delivery, or are new to Mellow Programmes, we would encourage you to attend our new Online Mellow Bumps training – two mornings, and all trainees receive the above-mentioned manuals. Check our training dates >

The fee for Online Bumps training is currently £345.00

We plan to launch Online Mellow Babies Training towards the beginning of October 2020 and Online Mellow Ready Training towards the end of this year. If you are interested in Online Training for Toddlers – don’t worry, we are already working on it!

Please feel free to contact us for further training fees and information.