Reflective Consultation & Accreditation

Mellow Parenting offers all trained practitioners Reflective Consultation. Successful completion of Reflective Consultation leads to Accreditation.

Reflective Consultation

Reflective consultation is an opportunity to reflect on areas of your group delivery, celebrate areas of success and explore challenges. It is available to all Mellow Parenting trained practitioners free of charge via phone or Skype (over 2/3 sessions). It is also essential to access Reflective Consultation in order to gain or maintain Mellow Parenting Accreditation.


Accreditation is the process of becoming an accredited as a certified trained practitioner, deemed to be actively delivering Mellow Parenting groups to fidelity. An Accredited practitioner will be delivering groups to best and highest standards, verified by us through the process of Reflective Consultation. As an Accredited Practitioner, you are also effectively an advocate for Mellow Parenting and can take advantage of the benefits associated with Accreditation.

…the perks of Accreditation include free group reports, discounts on events & and up-to date manuals, an Accreditation ID card, CV enhancement, funding application support, link to Mellow hubs, pilot collaborations and practitioner recommendations from us.

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