Mellow Trainers

All Mellow Trainers are Accredited Mellow Practitioners, having gone through the Mellow Accreditation and Trainer’s CPD Process. They bring a wide range of anecdotal Mellow group experience to help bring the training alive for trainees.

Helen Cain
Martin Devlin
James Fargie
Theresa Maddison
Dirk Meyer
Kristin O’Neill
Dr Marie Renaud
Rachel Tainsh

Debbie Ciancio
Lyn Doherty
Michael Galbraith
Stewart McLean
Maggie Mills
Kararaina Penehira
Zu Ruziev

Paula Carr
Slava Dovnbya
Jackie Hothersall
Alan McMaster
Tania Morozova
Dr Christine Puckering
Rachel Stephen