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We are proud to have you on the Mellow team and we are at your disposal for anything that you may require to run your groups. As a valued member of the team, our membership portal is dedicated to you. If there is something that you require that is not readily available contact us to let us know [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once you have successful delivered one of our Mellow groups, having completed the evaluation and accessing Reflective Consultation session with one of our consultants we will be able to determine if the group was delivered with fidelity, if this is the case we will be able to approve your status as an accredited practitioner.

    Accreditation isn’t just a one off process, we are always on hand and would encourage you to follow the same thorough group evaluation and utilise the reflective consultation for every group you deliver their after.

    We recommend you evaluate all your Mellow groups even after you have been accredited. It is important to evaluate each group so that you can provide evidence of the great work you are doing. In addition, by continuing to evaluate your group and sharing the data with our evaluation team, we can provide on-going support and feedback via your bespoke evaluation reports, which you can share with colleagues, managers and future commissioners.

    Your accreditation status is maintained for 2 years, at this point you will have to meet the same requirements to maintain.

    If you continue to deliver at the accreditation standard you may have opportunities to progress to a senior accredited practitioner and even a Mellow trainer!

  • Further information and request form can be found here <link to Reflective Consultation & Accreditation & request form>

  • Ideally, pre-group paperwork should be done before the group starts. This could either be during the initial meet and greet morning with the parents who will be on the programme, or even better – complete the questionnaires and paperwork with parents during a home visit or virtual call. This will allow you one-on-one with the parent, so you can go through each question and answer any questions they may have. 

    Post-group paperwork can then be completed as close to the end of the group as possible. We know that it is not always possible to follow up with parents after the group has finished, so setting time aside on the last session may work best. We also know that it is not always possible to predict that every parent will be present at any given session so it may be helpful to start thinking about post-group paperwork on the second to last session to give you a better chance of making sure everyone has the opportunity to take part in the evaluation.

  • We are keen for you to use strengths-based video feedback with parents during your Mellow groups. Used effectively, it is a very powerful tool and we want you and the families you work with to have the benefit of it. So that we can be confident you are using the video correctly, it is important we support you with this during your Reflective Consultation. Correct use of video is also a requirement to achieving full accreditation. Therefore, during Reflective Consultation it is expected you are able to demonstrate how you would use strength-based video feedback with your parents by using one of your own parents’ videos.

    If for any reason, you are having trouble sharing the videos with your reflective consultant you should discuss this with him/her at your first meeting so that they can work with you to find a solution.

  • To deliver any Mellow group, you will need at least 2 trained facilitators. Should there be an unexpected illness or absence, to ensure the group can go ahead, ideally we recommend 3 practitioners be available. 

    If you are struggling to get more than 1 trained facilitator contact us for additional help.

  • If a mum or dad needs to bring more than one child to the group – that’s fine! Just make sure that the video and the pre & post data is for one child and that same child only.