What Practitioners say

The Mother was initially reluctant to attend Mellow Babies however absolutely loves the programme and now looks forward to attending each week. She is implementing the strategies learned on the programme at home and since beginning the programme her confidence and self-esteem has increased dramatically

Overall very useful, clearly showing how MP can meet the needs of a specific group. I can see this fitting in well alongside other parenting programmes in the borough

Mellow Parenting has provided me with a great insight into ways in which parents can manage their child’s behaviour. There are approaches we have discussed which I have never thought of before

Stories from Practitioners

“Being a Mellow Parenting Facilitator (MPF)”….

M = Marvellous interaction with parents and parents-to-be….. the groups are so relaxed and informal, and although the programme content is always delivered, being parent-led means we, as facilitators, can deliver the sessions in such a flexible way to suit the needs of the group. Therefore each parent feels they are being listened to, valued and respected.

P = Powerful emotions can be unleashed within these sessions…..parents may find themselves pouring out thoughts they’ve kept inside for a long time. Mellow groups can enable parents to feel safe, secure and appreciated in a non-judgmental way, which in turn, empowers them to speak from the heart. Parents may find themselves revisiting their past, and challenging historic (or current) relationship issues. Tears may flow (and have done on many an occasion!), however there is always a box of tissues on the table, a comforting shoulder and a listening ear at a Mellow group!

F = Fun!! There are lots of laughs in Mellow sessions! Parents are encouraged to enjoy their pregnancies then ultimately, their babies and children. We provide lots of fun activities for parents and their children to enjoy together, encouraging bonding and attachment. From bubbles and balloons, to messy play and singing – everyone is encouraged to have fun with their children and unleash the child within themselves (including us facilitators!!)