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Offline Programmes

Mellow training benefits anyone working with children, families or people in general. Our training programmes primarily focus on children ages 0-5 years as this is the most pivotal time in shaping their futures, however, we do provide training to support other age ranges and scenarios.

Completion of group-focused training grants certified practitioner status, meaning that once trained practitioners can deliver parental groups to help spread the Mellow ethos and ultimately help support themselves and others.

We provide practitioners with the tools to build safe, therapeutic and confidential environments to help parents connect with their children.

As detailed below, training allows for the delivery of certain gender-specific group programmes.

Offline Training

    • 3 Days

      Going Mellow

      Training to help you support parents with children (0 – 5 yrs.) 

      Core training split into therapeutic personal group programmes:

      • Mellow Mums for Babies
      • Mellow Mums for Toddlers
      • Mellow Dads for Babies
      • Mellow Dads for Toddlers
    • 3 Days

      Mellow Ability

      Training to help you support parents who have children with additional needs (4-7 yrs.)

      • Mellow Ability for Mums with disabled children between 4-7yrs
      • Mellow Ability for Dads with disabled children between 4-7yrs
    • 3 Days

      Mellow Futures

      Training to help you support parents with learning difficulties/disabilities (antenatal period to 5 yrs.)

      • Mellow Futures for Mums with learning difficulties &/ disabilities (LDD)
      • Mellow Futures for Dads with LDD
    • 1 Day

      Mellow Bumps

      Training to help parents understand and connect with their baby before birth (antenatal)

      • Mellow Bumps (for mum-to-be)
      • Mellow Dads-to-Be
    • 1 Day

      Mellow Ready

      Training to help you support teens (14-18 yrs.)

      A group programme specifically created for teens to support their mental health & wellbeing

      • Mellow Ready for girls or boys aged 14 – 18yrs
    • ½ Day

      Mellow Conversations

      Training focuses on practical techniques to achieve a strength-based approach & solution-led conversations (any age/profile)