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Meet the Mellow Team

Raquib Ibrahim, CEO at Mellow Parenting

Raquib Ibrahim

Chief Executive Officer

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Jacqueline King, Finance & HR Officer at Mellow Parenting

Jacqueline King

Finance & HR Officer


Rachel Tainsh, Programme & International Development Lead at Mellow Parenting

Rachel Tainsh

Programme & International
Development Lead

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Stewart McLean, National Development Officer at Mellow Parenting

Stewart McLean

National Development Officer

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Manuel Ambra, Marketing Communications & Events Lead at Mellow Parenting

Manuel Ambra

Marketing Communications
& Events Lead

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Lucía Morán, Training Coordinator and Accreditation Lead at Mellow Parenting

Lucía Morán

Training Coordinator and
Accreditation Lead

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Lisa Golds, Programme Research Lead at Mellow Parenting

Lisa Golds

Programme Research Lead

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David McCrae, Programme Evaluation Lead at Mellow Parenting

David McCrae

Programme Evaluation Lead

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