Supporting families and children

We specialise in training you to support the families and children you work with, and our evidence-based programmes have made us experts at what we do since 1996. 

Mellow started from research by a team of child psychologists and psychiatrists who were trying to understand early parent child relationships. As part of this they developed ways to observe interaction in detail. As technology progressed, the use of video became easier and it seemed that using video to feedback to parents had a real potential to make a difference. The value of this method was later confirmed by research showing that positive video feedback was a powerful tool in changing behaviour*

The first pilot groups, run in a local authority family centre, were quite brief and parents’ feedback showed that parents wanted more time to deal with their own issues of poor relationships in their past, depression, domestic violence, poor self-esteem etc. alongside active work on parenting. It was hard for them to put their minds and energy into parenting while they were struggling to cope with internal and external pressures on their daily life. On the basis of feedback from parents and developments in research, a series of modules was developed to meet the needs of mothers and fathers and children at different stages of development from antenatal to preschool.

*Bakermans-Kranenburgh MJ. van Ijzendoorn MH. Juffer F. (2003) Less is more: meta-analyses of sensitivity and attachment

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We are committed to relationships, and provide the highest quality of support that is evidenced-based and meaningful for the parents, families and frontline workers we work with.

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A world where every parent-child relationship can flourish and achieve the best possible outcomes now and for future generations.

  • Nurturing

    We believe that nurturing relationships are vital to healthy development. This value runs through the organisation from staff to practitioners to families.

  • Inclusive

    Mellow programmes are accessible to every parent and child that would benefit from attending regardless of their race/religion/gender/age/sexuality/socioeconomic status or geo-graphical location. We listen to, reflect and learn from the views and experiences of all those we work with.

  • Quality

    All Mellow programmes are robustly evaluated and tested for effectiveness and feasibility. Our evidence base ensures the highest standard of group delivery and optimal outcomes for parents and their children. This value runs through the organisation which was ISO 9001 accredited and follows high governance standards. In April 2021 we received the Charity of Excellence Framework award. 

“I enjoyed being at Mellow Dads, it was a great experience, it gave me the chance to hear other dads stories and how much they enjoy being dads. Thank you for letting me be a part of it” – Mellow Dad

“I now know that toys and expensive outings aren’t what kids want. They want your time and your attention. Before Mellow I just thought tantrums were tantrums but now I know why Dean has tantrums and understand how he feels” – Mellow Mum

“I have never been able to speak about the what happened to me and my sister before as it didn’t feel safe. I used drugs to block everything out but I have my daughter to think of now” – Mellow Dad

Our Partners

All our work to date has been made possible thanks to all our funders and donors. We cannot thank you enough for your continued help. 

We are also proud to support The United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and follow their guidelines.

Find out more information from Together – Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights.

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Our Board Members

Mellow Board Members bring a variety of expertise: they are passionate and dedicated to guiding the organisation to improving outcomes for children and their families all over the world.

Our Board members come from a variety of backgrounds including Law, Business, HR, Psychotherapy,  Accountancy and Strategy.

There are currently seven members on the Mellow Board:

  • Chair – Joy Barlow MBE
  • Treasurer – Barbara J Southern
  • Secretary – George Mulveny
  • Members – Robin Balbernie, Ian Milligan, Gillian Croan, Dawn Finlay, Sam Marriot-Dowding 

The Board Meets four times a year, usually late afternoon/early evening, with refreshments being served.  In August, a full day meeting is held for the AGM, Board Meeting and Strategy Discussions.   We also try to have a Christmas Social Gathering.

The Mellow Board works closely, and has a great relationship with, all Mellow Staff

If you are interested in joining the Mellow Board, please contact [email protected] or use the “get in touch” form below:

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Our Annual Accounts

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