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Online Mellow Bumps in Turkey: Published Research

Exciting news! The Journal of Midwifery has published research on the feasibility of the Mellow Bumps intervention in Turkey during the COVID pandemic.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the implementation of antenatal parenting intervention Mellow Bumps in an online format and determine if this can be done safely and without detriment to pregnant women in Turkey.

The study showed mums-to-be from an online Mellow Bumps group reported:

  • improved maternal stress levels
  • improved maternal well-being
  • a stronger bond with their baby
  • increased confidence
  • increased feelings of social connectivity
  • and the online format is accessible.

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Further Findings

The transition of Mellow Bumps from physical delivery to an online programme during the COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced the accessibility of the programme for ‘at-risk’ mothers and families. The level of participation for the programme itself were high, with a completion rate of 89.5%, which suggests that the programme in its online format is engaging.

The results of this study show that Online Mellow Bumps could continue to benefit expectant mothers beyond the restrictions of the pandemic by continuing to reach a wider audience of mothers. For example, mothers who may live too far away to travel to a face-to-face group, or mothers who may not attend a face-to-face group due to struggles with their mental health.

This is the first study to evaluate Online Mellow Bumps in its new format, using a sample of mums-to-be from across Turkey. The findings show that Online Mellow Bumps can be delivered safely and effectively, allowing Mums-to-be to access support to an acceptable level and without detriment to their mental health and well-being.