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Mellow Pod

A Podcast by Mellow Parenting discussing relationships, attachment, and all things Mellow.

#2 Attachment Theory and the Rise of the Screens with Robin Balbernie

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What benefit can reading Mandarin fairy stories to infants in English language only homes do? And what’s the irreconcilable paradox of disorganised attachment?

Listen to the latest episode of the Mellow Pod and listen to infant mental health specialist Robin Belbernie discuss one of the foundational frameworks of Mellow Parenting: attachment theory.

#1 Parenting and De-institutionalisation in Moldova with Irina Spivacenco

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For our first Mellow Parenting pod, we're in conversation with Irina Spivacenco about the changing landscape of child welfare in Moldova.

Mellow Parenting's Rachel Tainsh discusses the de-institutional agenda and highlights some of the challenges of introducing a more relational approach to the emerging social services in the country.