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Our Programmes

Any intervention is only as good as the workforce delivering it! We're passionate about providing training and support that will help create a strong, confident and skilled workforce who feel equipped to support families most in need. We provide a complete wraparound support network beyond the initial training:

  • Training the workforce to deliver our evidence-based parenting programmes.
  • Reflective supervision for trained practitioners.
  • Evaluation support for trained practitioners.
  • Additional resources and updates.
  • Local and regional Mellow Connects sessions, facilitating the sharing of best practices, evaluation data and resources.
  • Mellow Foundation training for the broader workforce supporting parents and children.

Our programmes focus on attachment and relationships. These programmes are preventative not reactive, focussing on responsive caregiving through parent-child interaction and play. We use of strength-based feedback and the group as the engine for change.


Strength-Based Video Feedback

Strength-based video feedback is a unique component of Mellow interventions, whether online, in-person, or 1:1 at home. When a parent watches a video of themselves and their own child, it can help them see what works, thus supporting change in their behaviour. The video provides parents with evidence of what they are getting right with their child, and the chance to reflect on what they want to change. Using video feedback allows the parents to think about what the world is like for their child. Practitioners should always view the video with the parent prior to showing it in a safe setting. This way, parents get a chance to be guided by the Practitioner to think about behaviours and the effect they have on their child. Throughout the process of watching the interaction, parents begin to see their child as a separate human being with a mind of their own. Parents can then improve their ability to read and sensitively respond to cues from their child. In addition, parents can often be guided to recognise sometimes even fleeting moments where interaction is positive. These moments give hope, motivation and can become starting points from which to build. Training in strengths-based video feedback is included in our Going Mellow and Mellow Growing Together programmes, as well as Mellow Ability and Mellow Futures.