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Reflective Consultation & Accreditation

We recognise that working with children and families can be demanding and challenging. Practitioners are under increasing pressure, navigating complexity whilst seeking to work in an attuned relationship focused way. The care paradox tells us that people who care for others don't always care for themselves or recognise the signs of compassion fatigue and burn out.

Our Reflective Consultants are trained to support you as you support others.

“How you are… is as important as what you do.”

Jeree H. Pawl (1930-2021)

Reflective Consultation

Reflective Consultation is an opportunity to reflect on your group delivery, celebrate areas of success and explore challenges. It is free of charge for all trained Mellow Practitioners and necessary to obtain Accreditation.

Reflective Consultation sessions last up to an hour. Before the consultation we ask to to complete some paperwork about your group and reflect on what has gone well and what has been more challenging. You can use this time to ask questions and freely discuss your Mellow Group in a safe space. If your group includes a parent child interaction film we will ask you to share a video with us and talk through how you used 'Say what you See' and gave strengths based feedback. 



Accreditation will allow you to deliver interventions to the best and highest standards, verified by us through the process of Reflective Consultation and Evaluation.

As an Accredited Practitioner, you are effectively an advocate for Mellow and can take advantage of exclusive benefits.

  • FREE ACCESS to Exclusive Events
  • 10% OFF Participants’ Logbooks
  • 10% OFF Updated Programme Manuals
  • 15% OFF Trainings
  • 50% OFF Ticketed Events

Start your journey towards Accreditation by requesting your Reflective Consultation today.

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A Guide through the Process by the Mellow Team


The Evaluation Process

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