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Theoretical Basis

As Mellow is committed to enabling good relationships, the underlying construct of much of what we do is Attachment theory, which suggest that our earliest relationships provide the model for later relationships. Where a child is able to make a secure relationship this gives them the confidence to explore and learn, with the knowledge that when they need support or comfort they can return to their “secure base”.

This model is carried forward into peer relationships, later romantic relationships and a wide capacity to build trust. Where children have not developed secure early relationships they can be distant and untrusting of others, or conversely over dependent and demanding, making too close relationships, too quickly with the wrong people and then being hurt when they do not work out.

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We have produced various informative posters and articles on Mellow programmes over time. Utilised over a number of conferences/events worldwide and available for perusal. 

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We have produced various informative papers in relation to Mellow programmes, available for perusal.

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Training Leaflets

A further overview of our training programmes summarised in Mellow programme training leaflets. 

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