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What We Do

Why does Mellow exist?

We train the early intervention workforce and provide support them to deliver and evaluate impact. We advocate for the importance of the early years and the need for responsive care.

We recognise that healing and change happens in the context of relationships and that individuals who have experienced trauma will require additional support to help them feel safe and build trust. We seek to work in a strengths based way that levels the power balance, respects differences and supports individuals to take ownership of their situation.

Responsive caregiving refers to the ability of caregivers to notice, understand and respond to a child’s signals in a timely and appropriate manner. (WHO/UNICEF)

Mellow Groups support parents and carers increase their responsiveness through:

  • Tuning into their child: and picking up on their unique signals 
  • Understanding child development and reflect on age and stage
  • Increasing sensitivity to their child through the use of video and strengths based feedback
  • Creating opportunities to interact with their child in a nurturing supportive environment
  • Accessing peer support and learning from each other